In my many years as a coach I can assure you that these “coaching points” will always help you as a rugby player. Remember this sport with its values of respect, discipline, integrity, passion and solidarity teaches us first to be good people and then good players.

  • Rugby is a game of respect. Respect yourself, your team-mates, your club, opponents (without an opponent no game is possible), match officials and those involved in the game is paramount. Remember: The referee is always right.

  • Rugby is a SUPPORT game. Always go in support. Remember: The game begins after you have passed the ball. Don’t keep watching the game, be part of it and go in support.

  • Always expect the unexpected such, as how a rugby ball bounces. Be alert and focused.

  • Always keep your eyes on the ball. No matter the situation or where your opponent is. If you don’t do it you will lose or drop the ball.

  • Keep looking and going forward into the space available not where all the people are crowded. READ the game! (We used to say in my country “Going from the city to the country”)

  • The ball is faster than a man…PASS THE BALL!!!… Don’t be selfish, this is NOT an individual sport.

  • A rugby team consist of 15 players working together to achieve just ONE player score. Be part of your team!

  • Run to get all the kicked balls, even the impossible ones, you will discover incredible things when you do.

  • Don’t expect that other team players are covering your role on the pitch, do your job!

  • Don’t get involved in unnecessary fights during the match. You will lose your main focus which is to PLAY!

  • Put the team’s goals before your own

  • Never give up, even when you are defeated

    Coach Pablo