You have to remember that you need to learn to walk before you run and that winning is not everything in the sport of rugby.

Some coaches are focused on to winning instead of focusing on giving the tools to the players to learn the game well.
The result is those players are not well prepared for all the stages of the game and later have problems to resolve complicated situations inside the pitch.

Every stage is important in rugby, (don’t skip away) but the basic skills are the most important part and you will use them during your whole rugby career, even professionally.


That’s why I consider that you need to learn step by step and understand “why” we do one thing or another.

It is essential for young players to learn the basic skills (passing, catching, tackling, etc.) correctly so they can enjoy the game.

One step at a time, these basic skills, comes before a “win-all” mentality in the learning process.

Learn to play well first, develop your skills, work hard and surely you will win later.