In-Person Training for a single athlete
1 session package with Coach Pablo. Session Length: 1 hour Ages
  • Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Backs
  • Forwards
Specialties (Basic and advance skills)
    • Passing
    • Receiving
    • Catching
    • Handling
    • Handling the ball
    • Kicking
    • Picking up the ball
    • Running with the ball
    • Running without the ball
    • Scrum
    • Lineout
    • Ruck
    • Maul
    • Sidesteps
    • Tackling
IMPORTANT: “Please plan to arrive on time for your session. Kindly note that the nature of my schedule is such that I cannot extend the time to you if you are late.”
What’s in a session?

“I enjoy working with players of all ages and levels but I especially enjoy the challenge of coaching teenagers because with them I can make the biggest difference in their game. My specialties include basic skills as well as teaching the advanced game.”

“Each person is different, so I focus on improving the areas most lacking in each player. These days, rugby prioritizes the player’s physical aspects instead of their skills. As a result, we have strong players that are unable to resolve difficult situations encountered in the game. Another important aspect is the player’s true understanding of the game. Once this is accomplished the game can truly be enjoyed.”

Coach Pablo